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12 Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community | August 2018 F or elementary-school teacher Keomailani Case, the landscapes on and around Mauna Kea on the Island of Hawai ' i are the perfect place to take her fifth-grade students. The forests and animals there, including native honey- creepers like the yellow, gray, and white Palila, help her convey a lesson that might help save Hawaii's endemic species: Ma - lama 'A - ina, or "Take care of the land". "I grew up viewing the land as one of my older relatives," said Case, a native Hawaiian raised in nearby Waimea. She evokes an old Hawaiian expres- sion that the land is the chief and humans are its servant. It's a reminder that everything—birds, for- ests, mountains, people—is connected. That spirit keeps bringing researchers, birders, and volunteers to Mauna Kea to join forces in the ongoing effort to keep Palila from going the way of the Kioea (last observed in 1859), the Lesser Koa Finch (1891), the Kona Grosbeak (1892), the Greater Koa Finch n Of the many finch-billed Hawaiian "honeycreepers" that evolved on the main Hawaiian islands, only the Palila still lives. Photo © Jacob Drucker

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