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NOV 2018

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28 Birder's Guide to Gear | November 2018 I know the thoughts that are run- ning through your head right now. What is the deal here? Why is some guy writing an article about fashion? We are bird- ers; we take pride in our complete and utter lack of fashion! Yes, you are correct, bird- ers do have a notoriously terrible sense of fashion, at least from a contemporary "hip" viewpoint; you know, the full uni- form of khaki complimented by a bucket hat and tucked-in tube socks. Here is the thing about that stereotype: function be- fore style. That image of your stereotypical birder contains a lot of important and valid takeaways. Almost everything about it ex- ists to protect the birder from the reality of the environments in which we bird. That functionality is what I aim to ad- dress with this article. So, no, this is not the Birder's Guide to Hipster Fashion, though that might be an entertaining piece of work at a later time. Unless you bird exclusively

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