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NOV 2018

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3 November 2018 | Birder's Guide to Gear Jeffrey A. Gordon Delaware City, Delaware We birders get more out of birding by sharing first-hand experiences. More enjoyment, more fulfillment, more meaning. That simple idea is the heart of the ABA's culture. Gear for birding—what to choose and how to use it—is a great topic for this birder-to- birder approach. What you read here is the distillation of many years of experience in the field, and it's presented with an eye toward making gear a useful set of tools for your birding—not another distraction that gets in the way of it. I hope that you'll find the tips and techniques presented here useful and that you'll try some of them yourself. And I also hope you'll let us know what works well for you, what does not, and what useful tricks and techniques you discover on your own or hear about from others. In this way, the great pool of knowledge that the ABA represents stays fresh and vital. It's a resource that you can benefit from and contribute to and I invite you to do both. If you find these Birder's Guides helpful, please do two things. First, join the ABA, if you're not already a member, at Second, share Birder's Guide with others who will benefit from it. All issues are available for free online, at Good birding, Jeffrey A. Gordon President, American Birding Association he main goal of Birder's Guide to Gear is to offer you expert advice on birding gear. We seek out the experts so you don't have to. Just in time for the holiday season, Jennie Duberstein offers gift suggestions for the birders in your life. No birding gear guide would be complete without advice on optics, so Kevin Loughlin reviews a new camera that's quickly taking the birding world by storm. If you've ever wanted to record and analyze the flight calls of birds migrating over your house, Jory Teltser lays out some wonderful resources to help get you there. And on the topic of recording bird sounds, Ted Floyd extols the virtues of using your smartphone to do just that. Finally, Marcel Such offers advice on how to keep warm this winter with proper layering: it's not as simple as you might think. Birder's Guide only exists because our talented pool of ABA members is willing to share its knowledge. You can join in by writing an article. By the same token, we depend on our members to give us feedback about what they want— and don't want—to see in Birder's Guide. Take just a moment to share your thoughts with us, either via the email address printed above or by leaving a comment at Good birding, Michael L. P. Retter Editor, Birder's Guide From the President From the Editor T W Michael L. P. Retter Fort Worth, Texas

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