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DEC 2018

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39 December 2018 | Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– GLOSSARY Endemic. Describes a population of organisms (in many cases, a species) which is found nowhere else on Earth. For instance, Florida Scrub-Jay is endemic to Florida. Lumping. Treating what has been two or more species as now one species. Nomenclature. A system of naming. Sensu lato . In the broad sense. For example, "Canada Goose sensu lato " refers to what we called Canada Goose before the split—it includes Cackling Goose. Sensu stricto . In the strict sense. For instance, "Canada Goose sensu stricto " means what we call Canada Goose today, after the split—just the large birds. Sequence. The sequence in which species appear on a checklist reveals evolutionary relationships. Generally speaking , the closer two species are to one another in the checklist sequence, the more closely related to one another. Not to be confused with order , which is a taxonomic level between family and class. Splitting. Treating what has been considered one species as now two or more species. Taxa. Plural of taxon. A taxon is a biological group or classi- fication of organisms. Classes, orders, families, genera, species , and subspecies are all various levels of taxon. Taxonomic. Pertaining to the study of classification. Taxonomy. A classification system.

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