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JAN 2019

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ow good is the birding on a voyage to Antarctica? So good that even passengers who embark with- out realizing penguins are birds often disembark as birding converts. I like to ask people, in Antarctica, what on Earth pos- sessed them to visit Antarctica. Responses are all over the map. Some say it's the wildlife, some are in it for the his- tory, and some just want to get away from it all. Others are acutely committed to polar scenery—a woman once protested, as I pointed out an accommodating Adélie Penguin, "I don't care about animals, I just want to see ice!" Then there are the frequent fliers, the country listers and territory listers aiming to touch every piece of this planet's crust; about one in three Antarctic visitors cele- brates their seventh continent. Some journey with friends or loved ones, but a surprising number come alone. Peo - ple propose marriage and scatter ashes, go windsurfing and video-blogging, do yoga and write frosty poetry. As a blank slate, Antarctica attracts all kinds of vaga- bonds and adventurers. So it's no surprise that The Ice—as many lovingly call the deep, deep south—draws birders. 20 Birder's Guide to Travel | January 2019 H

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