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JAN 2019

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ne of the great thrills of ABA Area birding is how it drives us to seek out birds in dramatically dif- ferent habitats: the deserts of the west, the great forests of the north, the swamps of the southeast, even ecological areas more representative of Mexico than the U.S. or Canada. Yet we're also drawn to places where dif- ferent avifauna meet, where in the same day we can tick birds other birders might only see within several years of each other. Beaumont, Texas, perhaps more than any- where else in the ABA Area, is a fascinating confluence of birds from the north, south, east, and west. Plainly put, Beaumont is birdy. Really birdy, and at all times of year. As birders already know, that's just Texas, but because of a variety of geographic and ecological overlaps, Beaumont is unique even within Texas. For beginning birders, it's a fantastic place to practice IDing wading birds and ducks. For advanced birders, this eastern Texas coastal region presents a number of unique and intriguing ID challenges due to range overlaps not present elsewhere. For Texas bird- ers, there are various local specialties more emblematic of states to the east, making it a valuable destination for state listing. And for photographers, Beaumont is as good as it gets. Below is a site list designed to help any birder enjoy and maximize a trip to Beaumont. Cattail Marsh and Tyrrell Park Located within the municipal park known as Tyrrell Park right in Beaumont and close to several hotels, Cattail Marsh is loaded with birds. The marsh has eight miles of gravel trails that wind around the various water holding cells and pass through different habitats: One 36 Birder's Guide to Travel | January 2019 O

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