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JAN 2019

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Birder's Guide to Travel | January 2019 8 Alison Beringer is Associate Professor of Classics and Humanities at Montclair State University in New Jersey. She birds widely in Europe and the Americas, most often with her husband, Rick Wright. Her upcoming birds and art tours with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours in Europe include Provence, Burgundy, and Salzburg. Birds have been central to Josh Engel 's life for as long as he can remember. At age 11, he learned there was something called "birding" and pursued it with abandon. His life since has followed birds and ani - mals to all corners of the globe—guiding birding tours and conducting research on birds—as he's transformed his longtime passion into a career. He's lived in Ecuador and South Africa, conducted re - search from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Australia, guided birding trips from Bhutan to Panama, and birded at many points in between. All this has led to his current endeavor, organizing and leading birding tours throughout Illinois, across the U.S., and around the world for his company, Red Hill Birding. Josh lives in Chicago, a short walk from the famed Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. Shawneen Finnegan began birding in her 20s in California's Bay Area. In addition to birding around the globe, Shawneen has lived in birding meccas, with long stints in Cape May and Tucson. She led and later managed tours for WINGS, was Birding magazine's Photo Editor for several years, and has served on four state bird records committees (California, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington). A talented artist, her illustrations have adorned bird festival T-shirts, and her art, photos, and writing have been featured in identifi - cation articles, field guides, and state and regional monographs. In 2007, she moved to Portland, Oregon. She and husband Dave Irons are the statewide eBird Review Coordinators for Oregon, making their home in Beaverton. Ted Floyd is Editor of Birding magazine and the author of many articles and bird books, including the forthcoming How to Know the Birds (National Geographic, 2019). Ted is especially interested in analyzing bird vocalizations, in interpreting birds and nature for children and beginners, and in ap - plying new media and emerging technologies to- ward the appreciation of nature. Frank Izaguirre is a doctoral student in English litera- ture at West Virginia University. He loves reading any bird book he can find, from the exploration narra - tives of early naturalists to Big Year adventure stories. He has published several articles in birding maga - zines, including Birding and Bird Watcher's Digest, and currently serves as Editorial Intern at Birding. Jenn Smith Nelson is an award-winning freelance travel writer and photographer based out of the Canadian prairies. She contributes to a number of publications, including the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and Canadian Geographic. When she is not chasing birds, you can find her collect - ing stories and memories by hanging out with wolves, swimming with belugas, or adventur - ing with her kids. Jenn is also the editor/owner of Noah Strycker is Associate Editor of Birding magazine, Copy Editor of Birder's Guide, the author of four books about birds, and a regular contributor of photography and articles to bird magazines and other media. Noah set a world Big Year record in 2015, and his 2017 book, Birding Without Borders, relates the experience. His other books are Among Penguins, The Thing with Feathers, and Birds of the Photo Ark. Noah has studied birds on six continents with field seasons in Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Australia, Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, and the Farallon Islands. He also works as a naturalist guide on expedition cruises to Antarctica and Norway's Svalbard archipelago, literally spreading the inspira - tion of birds from pole to pole. He is based in Oregon, where his backyard has hosted more than 100 species of birds. Visit his website at Rick Wright leads birding and birds and art tours in western Europe and Central America for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours. The Book Review Editor at Birding and a former Editor of the ABA's Winging It, Rick is the author of five books, including the new Peterson Reference Guide to Sparrows of North America. He lives in northern New Jersey with his wife, Alison Beringer, and their chocolate lab, Gellert. About the Authors

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