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AUG 2013

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Bons oiseaux, bons temps en Louisiane! f Here is a sampling of birding locations across the state which, together, offer birders the wide variety of habitats and birds that make Louisiana a great travel destination. These excerpts come from the forthcoming ABA Birdfnding Guide, A Birder's Guide to Louisiana, by Richard Gibbons, Roger Breedlove, and Charles Lyon. It will be available for purchase from Buteo Books . Peveto Woods Migratory Bird Sanctuary f If you are new to Louisiana, you may not be familiar with the term chenier (pronounced shuh-NEER). It is a French word meaning "place of oaks". These are "oak mottes" to our Texas neighbors, but you ain't in Texas, mes amis. The slight elevation permits oaks and other trees to persist and serve as forested habitat islands in a sea of marsh. This habitat is a welcome respite to migratory songbirds heading north, south, or along the coast. For this reason, cheniers can be excellent birding spots and have the potential to be mindblowing in April and early May if the winds are out of the north or there is substantial rain. Peveto Woods Migratory Bird Sanctuary is owned and maintained by the Baton Rouge Audubon Society. (In the past it was known by a variety of other names, including the Holleyman-Sheely Migratory Bird Sanctuary.) Considering the last few hurricanes to strike the area, maintenance has been a tall order. Trails lead to views of wind-blown scrub, felds, hedges, and oak and hackberry woods that dot the landscape. The woods here are best visited during spring when migrants can be seen coming in off the Gulf, although this island of trees may hold interesting birds at any season. The deer fies and mosquitoes build to an unforgiving mob by late spring or summer, so dress and slather accordingly. To reach the sanctuary from the LA27/82 intersection at Holly Beach, drive west on LA-82 for 8.7 mi.. Turn left at PR-528 (Gulf View Road), heading south toward the Gulf of Mexico. After a quarter 14 Birder's Guide to Travel | August 2013

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