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AUG 2013

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The Best Birds in Let me be totally upfront: This is a frivolous article. I probably should apologize, but I feel we need more fun in birding. There's a time and a place for serious, but it's also important to just enjoy the birds. So here goes! This is my list of the 20 best birds in Asia. It's purely subjective, of course. You may scoff at my choices and cry in disbelief that I omitted the incomparable Fluffy-backed Tit-Babbler (or some other deserving bird). I've chosen these birds simply because I like them, and because I have photographs of some of them. I left out many birds because I only have room for 20. But, hey, with so many favorite birds to choose from (I have way more than 20 favorites in Asia!), I don't feel too bad about mixing and matching. 24 Birder's Guide to Travel | August 2013 Photo © SuSan MyerS

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