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AUG 2013

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Susan Myers (Argusianus argus) Photo © SuSan MyerS Thai-Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo. To be honest, if I were to write my list of the 20 Best Birds in Asia tomorrow, and then again the next day, it would undoubtedly be different each time. But right now this bird is at the top of my list and has been for some time. Surely it would make anyone's Top 10. Not only does it live in one of the world's most beautiful forests, but the male, in particular, is an amazing creature, and has one of the more memorable calls of any bird. I imagine he sees his own refection and is so enamored with himself that he calls calls out, "Oh, wow!" (Please indulge a momentary lapse into blatant anthropomorphism…) The other great thing about this amazing pheasant is that, unlike so many of its ilk, it is quite possible, if you time it right, to really get to know him, to spend some time with him. He can be quite approachable, especially in Danum Valley in Borneo. It's remarkable that when humans cease to harass many of these birds, they begin to tolerate us.   Melbourne, Australia 1•Great Argus Photo © SuSan MyerS 2•Blue-headed Pitta (Pitta baudii) Endemic to Borneo. The pittas are among the most glamorous birds in the world. And where do you fnd most of them? Why, in Asia, of course. Photo © SuSan MyerS Photo © StePhen g. DaviS Photo © Boon Leong August 2013 | Birder's Guide to Travel 25

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