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AUG 2013

Birder's Guide is the American Birding Association's newest publication. Each issue focuses on a key subject, providing tips from experienced birders on a wide variety of topics like Travel, Listing & Taxonomy, Gear, and Conservation & Community.

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Birder's Guide is published by the American Birding Association, Inc., a not-for-proft organization that seeks to inspire all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. The American Birding Association, Inc., seeks to encourage and represent the North American birding community and to provide resources through publications, meetings, partnerships, and birder networks. The ABA's education programs develop birding skills, an understanding of birds, and the will to conserve. The ABA's conservation programs offer birders unique ways to protect birds and their habitats. B i r d e r ' s G u i d e to t r av e l • au G u s t 2 0 1 3 CHAiR Louis Morrell DiRECToRS editor map produCtion Michael L. P. Retter Kei Sochi, Ed Rother Copy editor advertising Noah Strycker Ken Barron Bill Stewart teChniCal reviewers Nick Block Amy Davis Ted Floyd Geoff Malosh design & produCtion Ed Rother Jane Alexander Dick Ashford Lynn Barber Charles Bell Carl Bendorf Michael Bowen Matthew Fraker Susan Jones Kenn Kaufman Robin Leong John C. Robinson Charles Teske Bob Warneke PRESiDENT Jeffrey A. Gordona FiNANCE Lisa Slocum, Accounting webmaster David Hartley PARTNERSHiPS & MARKETiNG Bill Stewart, Director MEMBERSHiPS & CoMMuNiCATioN David Hartley, Director Nancy Hawley, Membership Experience Coordinator LeAnn Pilger, Coordinator Greg Neise, Web Development Advertising information: Ken Barron , American Birding Association, 1618 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904; 830-895-1144. Membership inquiries: 1618 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904; 800-850- EvENTS George Armistead, Coordinator BiRDERS' ExCHANGE Liz Gordon, Logistics 2473. Annual membership dues are payable in U.S. currency: Individual, $45 (Canadian and foreign, add $10); Student, $25 (Canadian and foreign, add $10); Household, $52 (Canadian and foreign, add $11); Supporter, $75; Coprorate, $100; Sustaining, $150; Benefactor, $300; Leader, $500; Trailblazer, $1,000; Legacy, $2,500. ABA membership dues paid beyond the frst $25/year are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. PRoGRAMS Bill Stewart, ABA Young Birders Robert Mortensen, Bird of the Year PuBLiCATioNS Ted Floyd, Birding Michael L. P. Retter, Birder's Guide Edward S. Brinkley, North American Birds Ken Barron, Advertising Ed Rother, Design & Production Birder's Guide (ISSN #1042-511X; USPS 003-289) is published quarterly by the American Birding voLuNTEER SERviCES Association, Inc., 1618 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904. Periodicals post- Liz Gordon, Volunteer Coordinator age paid at Colorado Springs and additional mailing offces. POSTMASTER: Send address changes BLoG MANAGERS to Birder's Guide, 1618 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904. Membership Nathan Swick, The ABA Blog John Puschock, ABA Area Rare Birds Jennie Duberstein, The Eyrie prices are as noted above. Copyright © 2013 by the American Birding Association, Inc. Printed by Publishers Press, Shepherdsville, Kentucky. All rights reserved. The views and opinions expressed in this magazine are those of each contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the American Birding Association or its management. The ABA is not responsible for the quality of products or services advertised in Birding, except those products or services offered directly by the Association. Return postage guaranteed: Send undeliverable copies and POD Forms 3579 to 1618 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904. For Canadian returns mail to WDS, Station A, P.O. Box 54, Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6J5. GST Registration No. R135943454. Canadian Publications Agreement No. 40033104. 2 Birder's Guide to Travel | August 2013 PAST PRESiDENTS & BoARD CHAiRS Dick Ashford (2009–2010) Tom Pincelli (2007–2009) Bettie R. Harriman (2006–2007) Richard H. Payne (1999–2006) Allan R. Keith (1997–1999) Daniel T. Williams, Jr. (1993–1997) Allan R. Keith (1989–1993) Lawrence G. Balch (1983–1989) Joseph W. Taylor (1979–1983) Arnold Small (1976–1979) G. Stuart Keith (1973–1976) G. Stuart Keith (1970 pro tem)

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