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AUG 2013

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Hollister, California Debi Love Shearwater Birding can take you to a huge variety of places— from the oaks along the Texas coast in search of migrating warblers to the bitter cold in Colorado to chase "chickens". No matter what, we love it. Eventually, curiosity and the desire to add to the life list prompts many birders to head out to sea. The word "pelagic" means "of the sea" in ancient Greek. These days, it's come to mean "of the open sea", that is, "far from shore". Certain fsh, such as the Great White Shark, are pelagic. Certain marine mammals, including most whales, are pelagic. And certain birds—albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, alcids—can be seen best, if at all, by venturing far out to sea. Photo © Michael l. P. RetteR August 2013 | Birder's Guide to Travel 47

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