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AUG 2013

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era—it can wait. For extensive information and research on seasickness, download the Alaska Sea Grant brochure, "Preventing and Treating Seasickness", at ETIQUETTE • Show up on time. Most operators will not wait for latecomers, who forfeit their fare. Share the space on board with others. Everyone is there to see marine life. Don't be a "bow hog". If you are tall, check to see if someone shorter is trying to get a view from behind you. If you are at the rail along the rear of the boat, or taffrail, and see someone approaching, make way, as that person could be seasick. Be kind to your fellow travelers. If you see a seabird that you think might be rare, be sure to alert a leader immediately, not in the parking lot at the end of the day. Take responsibility for yourself. If the leaders are regularly calling out "Pink-footed Shearwater", and you simply cannot pick 50 Birder's Guide to Travel | August 2013 one out, approach a leader and ask for help. Leaders want to help, but they cannot read your mind or know which birds you haven't seen well. Have fun! Why go to sea in search of birds? Like going over one more hill, or around one more corner of a path, going to sea is a new frontier for many landlocked birders, and a continuing adventure for experienced seabirders. Think of it this way: more of Earth is covered by water—some 70%—than dirt. Shouldn't you experience it? On board the whaling brig, Daisy, in the South Atlantic, famed ornithologist Robert Cushman Murphy wrote on 28 October 1912, "I now belong to a higher cult of mortals, for I have seen the albatross!" Venture out to sea, and join the club of pelagic birders. The author thanks Clay Kempf for his help with reviewing this article.

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