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NOV 2013

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West Lafayette, Indiana Michael L. P. Retter (Purshia sp.), and Shadscale (Atriplex confertifolia). Some individuals move downslope and south in winter (into the lower Colorado River Valley of California, Arizona, and northwestern Mexico), but, overall, the taxon does not seem to undergo long-distance movements. It is intermediate in appearance between A. b. belli and A. nevadensis. Peter Pyle notes that overlap in characters seems mostly absent, with nevadensis having a less-distinct lateral throat stripe and bolder and more numerous streaks on the back when compared to A. b. canescens, which is consistently smaller than A. nevadensis. Thankfully, it seems that when these two taxa appear most similar is in worn pumage, and that's precisely when they're on the breeding grounds and, in almost all cases, are easily identifed by range. (For more details on the identifcation of these taxa, Sagebrush Sparrow in Inyo County, California. Note the overall pale upperparts, bold mantle streaking, and faint submoustachial stripe. Photo © Bob Steele. Range of Sagebrush Sparrow (A. nevadensis). Map © Kei Sochi. November 2013 | Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy 51

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