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NOV 2013

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ABA Convention: Corpus Christi, Texas ABA Birding Rally: Plymouth, Massachusetts April 22–27, 2014 January 31–February 3, 2014 ABA Convention Staff: Jeff Gordon, Tom Johnson, Jennie Duberstein, Ted Floyd, Jen Brumfield, George Armistead, and more. Speakers include Gerrit Vyn, Brian Sullivan and Jeffrey Kimball. Hosts: Marshall Iliff, Jeff & Liz Gordon, Wayne Petersen, Mark Faherty, Eric Hynes, George Armistead, and more. Cost: $750 Registration Fee: $1445 Migration is at its best in April along the Gulf Coast and there's no better spot to take it all in than Corpus Christi. Join ABA members and staff for thrilling field trips in search of migrants and Texas specialties. When the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth in 1620, what did they see? There must have been Razorbills, Black Guillemots, and probably murres, and even Great Auks working the coast. Things have changed a bit since Captain Myles Standish's days, but a lot is still the same too. The Clam Chowder has always been good, and the tough, plump Purple Sandpipers still work the tide-line along the rocks, while scoters and Common Eiders still drift offshore, just as they did in 1620. The Cape Cod area is a hotbed for rarities too. Join your ABA birding friends in legendary Plymouth! King Eider with Common Eiders PHOTO BY © PHOTO BY © JEREMIAH TRIMBLE TOM JOHNSON Snowy Plover South Africa Safari PHOTO © MARKUS LILJE ABA Safari Staff: Adam Riley, Jeff & Liz Gordon, Forrest Rowland, George Armistead, and more. Registration: Saddle-billed Opens January, 2014 Stork Big game, incredible birds, an amazing group of people all gathering for a great cause. Join the ABA, Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures, and BirdLife South Africa for an utterly unique Safari experience. Safari profits will help support local conservation efforts through BirdLife South Africa. PHOTO © ADAM RILEY October 7–17, 2014 Capetown and Kruger National Park PHOTO © LEON FOUCHE For all the latest details on these and more ABA events, go to, email us at, or call us at (800) 850-2473

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