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NOV 2013

Birder's Guide is the American Birding Association's newest publication. Each issue focuses on a key subject, providing tips from experienced birders on a wide variety of topics like Travel, Listing & Taxonomy, Gear, and Conservation & Community.

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About the Authors Ted Floyd is the Editor of Birding magazine, and he is broadly involved in other programs and initiatives of the ABA. He is the author of more than 100 magazine and journal articles, as well as three recent books, including an ABA title, Let's Go Birding! Floyd is a frequent speaker at birding festivals and state ornithological society meetings, and he has served on the boards of several nonproft organizations. Michael L. P. Retter is the editor of Birder's Guide magazine, as well as a Technical Reviewer for Birding. He leads tours to North, Middle, and South America for Tropical Birding. When at home, Michael pursues interests in cooking, gardening, and numismatics, and helps to run the GBNA email group. The incoming secretary of the Indiana Bird Records Committee, Michael lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, with his fancé, two indoor cats, and about 100 orchids. Alan Knue is an avid reader of the literature relating to the evolution, taxonomy, and biogeography of birds and over the years has taught popular evening classes for birders on these subjects. Alan lives in Seattle, Washington, with his partner and their dog and indoor cat. Andrew Spencer has been birding ever since his grandmother showed him a Wood Duck on a local pond when he was fve years old. After spending a number of years birding throughout the U.S., a trip to the tropics changed his life forever: he now lives in Ecuador and guides for Tropical Birding. That frst trip to the tropics also triggered an increasingly fanatic obsession with all things related to bird sounds. Nowadays it's rare to see him in the feld without a recorder and parabola in tow, trying to get any peep, chirp, or twitter on tape. Bill Pranty has lived and birded in central Florida for more than 35 years. His studies emphasize the documentation of Florida's diverse avifauna, with a focus on its exotic species. His research has added three species to the ABA Checklist—Purple Swamphen, Nanday Parakeet, and Common Myna—all of them exotics from Florida. Pranty is chairman of the ABA Checklist Committee, and a Technical Reviewer for and frequent contributor to Birding magazine. In addition to dozens of peer-reviewed papers, Pranty is the author or coauthor of fve books, including A Birder's Guide to Florida and the ABA Checklist. 8 Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy | November 2013 Team Sapsucker's members include Jessie Barry, Andrew Farnsworth, Marshall Iliff, Tim Lenz, Brain Sullivan, and Christopher L. Wood. All are staff members at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Big Days are one of their favorite aspects of birding. Collectively, the team members have run more than 100 Big Days, setting records in nearly a dozen states. They are always excited about the competitive challenge and the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for bird conservation.

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