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MAR 2014

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17 March 2014 | Birder's Guide to Travel Accommodations • Green Row Executive Suites: 1 or 2 bedrooms with fully equipped kitchen, washer, dryer, etc. • Arctic Island Lodge: Vehicle Rental • Wilf MacDonald 867-983-2918 • Haomik Enterprises 867-983-2156 If you stop over in Yellowknife National Car Rental has a desk at the air- port, and many hotels are easily found on the internet. There is good birding outside of town amid forest and lakes for breed- ing birds such as Horned and Red-necked grebes, Lesser Yellowlegs, California, Mew, and Bonaparte's gulls, Tennessee and "Myr- tle" warblers, Gray Jay, Rusty Blackbird, and Lincoln's Sparrow. You may also be fortu- nate enough to locate Harris's Sparrow, or Boreal, Northern Hawk, or Great Gray owls. I thank Dawn Wilson for providing me with a great place to stay and a vehicle for nine glo- rious summers, and Doug Stern for the use of his house four other summers. I also extend my thanks for logistical assistance to Rhian- non Leshyk, Wilf MacDonald, Craig Machtans, Mark Mallory, and the many friendly people of Cambridge Bay. I would like to acknowledge the friendship of my various Arctic feld com- panions, including Gerry Binsfeld, Glenn Co- ady, Glen Fox, Tyler Hoar, Bruno Kern, Mike McEvoy, George Peck, Mark Peck, Jim Robin- son, Roy Smith, Dan Strickland, and the late Bob Taylor. Thanks to Attima Hadlari, Albert Kuhnigk, and Richard Knapton for use of their detailed feld notes. Finally, a thank you to Ron Tozer for helpful comments on an earlier draft of this article. Buff-breasted Sandpiper Arctic Tern Arctic hare King Eider pair Wooly lousewort Red Knot Pacifc Loon "Black" Brant Stilt Sandpiper Ruddy Turnstone 4-Nunavut.indd 17 3/4/14 12:52 PM

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