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MAR 2014

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52 Birder's Guide to Travel | March 2014 ometimes, a Birding magazine article comes along at exactly the right time. The September/October 2008 issue had just such an article for me: Keith Barnes's "Birding the World: Strategies for the Modern Birder". By chance, I was giving serious thought to my own birding strategy, albeit without Keith's wealth of frst-hand knowledge. I'd been interested in birding outside the ABA Area since childhood, when I would see advertisements in Audubon magazine for places like the Asa Wright Nature Centre on Trinidad. By the time I entered college, I started dipping my feet in the Neotropics, with road trips into northeastern Mexico on several occasions. In 2000, I made my frst birding trip to a coun- try that didn't border the U.S., when my wife and I went to (big surprise) Trinidad and Tobago. In the years that followed, I took short trips to Ecuador and Panama, interspersed with lots of trips around the ABA Area. But in 2008, I started devising a more ambitious plan. I knew that I would never have the opportunity to S 8-Dabbler.indd 52 3/4/14 1:17 PM

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