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MAR 2014

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53 March 2014 | Birder's Guide to Travel Elgin, Texas Jason Leifester travel the world at will, making repeated trips to distant countries in an effort to fnd a large percentage of the world's birds. I don't play the lottery, and I have no wealthy relatives who will make me rich someday. But a more modest target was within reach. My interest in geogra- phy predates my interest in birds, and I thought that another goal—to visit every continent at least once—would help me expand my birding horizon. I spent a lot of time looking at birding tour cata- logs and websites as I began to formulate my plan. Antarctica was quickly scratched from the list. I'd love to go to Antarctica, but for the price of a trip there, I could take two or three trips to other fantastic locations. No, I would focus on add- 8-Dabbler.indd 53 3/4/14 1:17 PM

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