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MAY 2014

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Bird Studies Canada 32 Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community | May 2014 issues and increasing citizen science par- ticipation in Canada's largest urban center through workshops, outreach events, and educational programs. The Future The frst-ever State of Canada's Birds re- port , released in 2012, highlights several changes in Ca- nadian bird populations since 1970. The report was a collaborative effort of the North American Bird Conservation Initia- tive in Canada, whose members include federal, territorial, and provincial govern- ments, conservation non-governmental organizations, and private sector organiza- tions. The report's authors analyzed results from long-term bird population monitor- ing programs, such as the Breeding Bird Survey, and several of BSC's citizen science programs. The dramatic fndings are al- ready helping direct bird conservation ac- tions across Canada and supporting new international collaborative efforts. On average, Canadian breeding bird ulum-connected school feld trips to BSC combine education with bird research and citizen science, providing a unique oppor- tunity for students to explore bird diversity, learn about migration monitoring through bird banding, and study breeding birds. Our educators also deliver bird-focused programming at schools and lead commu- nity outreach programs to engage youth, their families, and the interested public in birds and bird conservation. For one example, see the related Christmas Bird Count for Kids article in this issue. Moving forward, we envision expand- ing and strengthening our outreach efforts on a more national scale. Targeted "urban bird programming" to increase awareness and enjoyment of important natural areas within or near cities is being explored as one method of nurturing greater public appreciation and engagement. Our Toron- to "Birds in the City" project, launched in 2012 in cooperation with several partners, is raising awareness of bird conservation for bird biologists. Over the past 50 years, more than 2,000 people have volunteered at LPBO. This group includes dozens of individuals from 15 Central and South American countries who have partici- pated in LPBO's Latin American Training Program since 1995. In recent decades, groups of Canadian teenagers have trav- eled to Long Point each summer for train- ing in bird banding and migration moni- toring through LPBO's Doug Tarry Young Ornithologists' Workshop. Graduates of this workshop have gone on to become some of Canada's best and brightest natu- ralists and scientists. Education Since 2007, BSC has been working to de- velop a formal education program. Our Bird Science and Environmental Educa- tion Program aims to foster environmental stewardship and spark a lifelong interest in birds, nature, and conservation. Curric- Students monitor a nestbox for Bird Studies Canada's Bird Science and Environmental Education Program. Photo © Liza Barney 4-Canada2.indd 32 5/22/14 7:51 PM

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