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OCT 2014

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not? Cameras have become cheaper and easier to use, and they give us the opportunity to bring something back from our experience in the feld, something we can share with others and that can help effectively spread the excite- ment of birding. Tom, Sam, and I did our frst photo-based birding contest at the World Series of Birding in New Jersey in 2009. That year we compet- ed in the digital camera category and came up with a very respectable 133 species. More im- portant than the number was the excitement of the event—racing around the state on our own route, diving into the brush after an elu- sive Hooded Warbler, shooting out the sun- roof at darting Barn Swallows, or getting that frst pre-dawn bird: a Wild Turkey in a tree! I was hooked, and I know Sam and Tom were as well. But there were a couple of issues with the logistics of that event. First, we were re- quired to submit all photos by 10 p.m., which meant a lot of processing in the car. Second, the event started at midnight, and, while there are some interesting nighttime shooting pos- sibilities, those dark hours were really not that 27 October 2014 | Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy Brooklyn, New York Cape May, New Jersey Tom Stephenson Scott Whittle Top: The fnal list! 210 species on the list, but an offcial 208 when it's compared to the photos. Photo © Scott Whittle Middle: One of Dessi Sieburt's photos from his photo big day in California: White-faced Ibis. Photo © Dessi Sieburt Bottom: Dawn of day two in Chalk Bluff Park, Texas. Photo © Scott Whittle

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