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OCT 2014

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October 2014 | Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy 28-A • April 21 7:00 a.m.: Left our hotel in Winnie, Tex- as, and headed north for our starting point in the piney woods of Angelina National Forest. We'd been scouting for several days, and our strategy was to combine a run from the pin- ey woods, through High Island, and down to Galveston, and then drive west during the night to an area with a much different habitat in Uvalde, Tex- as, thus maximizing our opportunity for species diversity. 9:00 a.m.: Arrived in the forest and started scouting around. Target birds included Red-cockaded Woodpecker and Bachman's Sparrow. We located a group of the woodpeckers, and got in position to start. 9:28 a.m.: Start! Our frst shot was Red- cockaded Woodpecker, and then the four of us spent a frustrating 10 min- utes on Bachman's Sparrow, which has a nasty habit of diving into a bush and staying there. A great example of why a photo big day is different from a reg- E-magazine Expanded Content The following is a quick timeline of the photo big day in Texas ular Big Day. Even though those spar- rows were singing around us every- where, we needed that photo, and we never got it. A valuable lesson there, and next time we won't waste minutes on overly skulky species (the same ap- plies to Marsh Wren and Sedge Wren). We did get a few other shots there, including Pine Warbler, Pygmy Nut- hatch, and Red-headed Woodpeck- er. Cameron's amazing knowledge of the area quickly became evident as he drove us from quick stop to quick stop, accumulating a number of oth- Roosting terns, black skimmers, and gulls, shot handheld in near darkness, Galveston, TX. Photo © Scott Whittle Gull-billed Terns in the evening near Houston Audubon Society's Bolivar Flats Reserve. Photo © Scott Whittle

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