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OCT 2014

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Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy | October 2014 Photo Big Days 28-D Submitting list totals for publication is one of the ABA's oldest traditions, and we're taking it to the next level. Now, you'll be able to submit all of the numbers you have in the past, plus some new ones. Over 3,000 new ones, including county lists! And it's all online, and continuously updated. We've preserved what was popular about the previous system, while vastly increasing its capabilities and bringing ABA's listing functions fully into the 21st Century. GO ONLINE FOR DETAILS. getting good at shooting from a mov- ing car! 8:45 p.m.: With about 45 minutes left, we arrived at Neal's Lodges and added a few fnal species, including Black Phoebe, Painted Bunting, and Yellow- throated Warbler. 9:28 p.m.: Tropical Parula and Great Kiskadee both eluded us, but we were pretty happy with our morning when we photographed our fnal list of birds. At the time, the list was 210 species, but, because we misidentifed Lesser Nighthawk and Seaside Spar- row (which turned out to be a Swamp Sparrow), the fnal tally was 208. A new North American record! We celebrated by driving on to do some more birding, of course, with Golden- cheeked Warblers at Lost Maples State Natural Area. Later that day, we got a fat tire, and were just grateful that it didn't happen during the race. 6:53 a.m.: Pre-dawn shots of Cassin's Sparrow started the day, followed by Vesper, Black-throated, White- crowned, Clay-colored, Lark, and Field sparrows. We did so well at this spot that we decided we had time to hit one more—Neal's Lodges. 8:11 p.m.: Curve-billed Thrasher and Western Kingbird both got photo- graphed along the roadside. We were hours, but not before photographing some of the cool moths futtering around the hotel lights. • April 22 6:00 a.m.: Up again, gas station coffee, and on the road to Chalk Bluff Park, a spot that Tom and Sam have scouted and that has a host of good species for us to try for. Rock Pigeons at 65 mph in Beaumont, TX. Photo © Sam Galick

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