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DEC 2014

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" T Nearest restroom Here 18 18 Birder's Guide to Gear | December 2014 Birder's Guide to Gear | December 2014 Does a Girl Go in the Woods ? here is a delicious irony about birding in a sewage treat- ment facility, one relating to human fltration and its limits. Despite the utilitarian ambition of the Back River Sewage Treatment Plant, there wasn't any place in the whole aquatic labyrinth for needy birders to deposit processed cof- fee. And most of the three hundred–plus birders present had ingested great quantities of coffee during their predawn drives." –Pete Dunne, The Feather Quest Editor's Note: For a subject (and activity) that comes up so regularly on birding trips, the actual mechanics of "going" in the feld are seldom openly discussed by birders. And I think that's a shame. Based on my years of leading birding tours, I know how diffcult it can be for about half of the birding population to just hop out of the van and "use a bush". In many cases, having the right equipment could likely have made the process much easier and less stressful, especially for some participants whose knees aren't as fexible as they once were. So even though you may be part of the 50% of birders reading this for whom the topic has little relevance, I hope you'll agree that this article has the potential to signifcantly improve the birding lives of the other 50%. If you agree, please read on. If not, or you just don't want to read about peeing, I encourage you to fip on to the next article.

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