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DEC 2014

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22 Birder's Guide to Gear | December 2014 Does a Girl Go in the Woods? • Read The Instructions. This may seem like a no-brainer, but each product has its own design which works in a certain way to avoid overfow problems. Some require you to hold the funnel tip-to-tail rather than side-to-side in order to pre- vent leakage. Most products come with helpful (if sometimes comically written) instructions, or offer demonstrations on their websites. • Practice. All of these devices require practice, and I suggest you do so in the shower. Standing while urinating is not natural for most women, and it may take some time to persuade your body that you can do this. Aim is different. I encourage you to practice with trousers so you know where liquid could land as the volume of liquid changes during use. Each woman is shaped differently, and you will want to know what it feels like to use the device properly. It's better to fgure all of this out at home with a washer and dryer handy than in the middle of the feld before an- other eight hours of birding with a group of 10 people. • Flow Control. Each device has a reser- voir, and it can be easy to go faster than the funnel can expel fuid, leading to over- fow. Try to maintain a light stream and note how quickly you fll a reservoir. • Avoid Waiting Until The Last Minute. Don't wait until you can't hold it anymore. You might think that would make things easier, but it is then harder to control the fow, and that could affect your aim. • Wind Direction . Keep the wind to your back to avoid any backspray. M ost of these products can be pur- chased at outdoor retail stores. If you are uncomfortable buying them in a store or asking someone about them face to face, all are available online, with helpful FAQs and sometimes telephone chat lines to help you navigate your purchase. Don't let your worry of using the restroom out- side deter you from enjoying great birds. You have many options. Tips • Tap Water. To see how the device will work for you, hold it under a faucet or use a measuring cup full of water and watch how it flls up and fows. You can also experiment with the volumetric fow rate, to give you an idea of how much liquid the device can take at once with- out spillage. full bathroom stop or one-and-three-quarter cups of liquid. Though the absorbent mate- rial is supposed to minimize odor and keep things sanitary, it feels slightly warm and wet after use. But it works in a pinch, espe- cially if you are layered up for deep winter birding. Depend sample packs can be ordered for free online, or run about $12–$15 at the store. Hosted by: October 2-4, 2015 • Columbus, OH A showcAse of birding And nAture products! Browse among dozens of vendors offering: Binoculars • Bird Feeders & Food • Outdoor Gear • Birding Destinations • Books, Media, Apps Clothing • Artwork • Events • Photography Equipment • Clubs & Organizations Bird Houses & Baths • Gift Items • and MUCH MORE! GRANGE INSURANCE A U D U B O N C E N T E R Celebrating the Birding Lifestyle

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