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DEC 2014

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34 Birder's Guide to Gear | December 2014 A s an aging birdwatcher, I have been searching for the perfect, lightweight, small binocular: one of high quality that is not as heavy as my trusty 8x42 Leica (which weighs close to 30 oz.). It should be light enough so that I can travel with it and stick it into my pocket for a trip to a concert or the ballpark. And now that I am getting older and have less upper-body strength, it should be lightweight enough to hold up to my eyes steadily for a long period. I'm not looking for a really small, feather-light, folding-type compact, but rather, a bin- ocular with good optics and just enough heft to provide a steady hold. I'll still use my big boppers when I go out on a boat looking for petrels and shearwaters, or when I'm birding with David Sibley, but I need something closer to one pound than two for travel and ordinary use. It seems to me that too many young, strong birders are doing binocular reviews and that they don't worry about the weight and size of the glasses. (For more on this topic, check out Diana Doyle's article in the Sep.-Oct. 2014 issue of Birding.) A Birder's Guide review: Lightweight Binoculars

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