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DEC 2014

Birder's Guide is the American Birding Association's newest publication. Each issue focuses on a key subject, providing tips from experienced birders on a wide variety of topics like Travel, Listing & Taxonomy, Gear, and Conservation & Community.

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Birder's Guide to Gear | December 2014 8 Jeffrey A. Gordon Delaware City, Delaware irders are defned, in part, by their gear. Put some binoculars and a camera around someone's neck, perhaps a hat on their head, and people will immediately start to assume they're out birding. At the American Birding Association, we strive to give the birding community helpful and practical infor- mation about the gear we all carry or might consider carrying. Further, we take the view that optics, feld clothing, and so on are merely tools that help us get more out of birding, rather than an end in themselves. If you're not yet a member of the ABA, I hope you'll be inspired to join by the wealth of useful tips and techniques that you'll fnd here. Throughout all our programs and publications, we aim to help make your birding better. If you are already a member and know someone who would beneft from this issue, I hope you'll share it with them, along with a personal invitation to join. Member or not, everyone can access the entire Birder's Guide series at It's a great way to get to know and start to engage with the ABA community. Good birding, Jeffrey A. Gordon President, American Birding Association veryone expects to fnd articles on binoculars and cameras in a guide to birding gear. And, indeed, you'll fnd a review of compact binoculars and an article on getting the most out of your camera in this issue. But we're also trying to think outside the box and are covering one or two topics that may surprise you. Please let us know what you'd like to see reviewed or discussed in the next issue, no mat- ter how unconventional. Even better, consider writing an article for us. Birder's Guide only exists because our talented pool of ABA members contributes manuscripts for publication. We depend on you sharing your knowledge with the rest of us! By the same token, we at the ABA depend on our members to give us feedback about what they want—and don't want—to see in ABA publications. Please consider taking just a moment to share your thoughts with us, either via the email address printed above or at Good birding, Michael L. P. Retter Editor, Birder's Guide From the President From the Editor Michael L. P. Retter Fort Worth, Texas B E

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