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MAR 2015

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S t's just a small clump of shrubbery in front of me, not much bigger than my car, but it's full of warblers. By the time I fgure out what all is in there, I've counted a Canada, two Wilson's, a Black-throated Blue, two Pines, and a t ' s m t h C a n a d a t season, I'm heading to Tawas. but, given a couple days of freedom in any famous hawk watches near Detroit and Duluth, may have Whitefsh Point, Magee Marsh, Point Pelee, and the shore of Lake Huron late in May. The Great Lakes area ing at High Island in Texas, but this actually happened on I could have written those words to describe an April morn- just whistled in my ear. turn on my heels to catch a Black-billed Cuckoo that lands somewhat clumsily in the mud. That settles it. I fight and disappears over the bay. A Peregrine Falcon the latter just as the entire expanse of shorebirds takes ing warblers? A Baltimore Oriole is loudly voting for scan for oddities among the peeps or get back to hunt- peeps with some stately Whimbrels strolling among them. Do I ment, I turn 180 degrees to scan the mudfats behind me. It's a feld of yond this bush of warblers. Ignoring the songbird cacophony for just a mo- up this morning, and the waves are crashing just out of sight be- ine what the small stand of conifers up the trail holds. The wind is Yellow. With so many birds in this scrubby patch, I can't imag- I Birding Michigan's Tawas Point 20 20 Birder's Guide to Travel | March 2015 Birder's Guide to Travel | March 2015

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