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MAR 2015

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48 Birder's Guide to Travel | March 2015 臺灣 Taiwan many sects, but the best temples are constructed by the two dominant religions, Buddhism and Taoism. While moving around the island, you are likely to bump into a few temples adorned with ornate ceramic dragons, smoking stacks of demigods, and paper chambers for making offer- ings to the ancestors. This quintessential essence of the Far East enhances the experience of bird- ing in Taiwan. Keep an eye out for any special Chinese holidays during your visit; it would be worth a few hours to check out dragon boat races or lantern festival activities if your schedule were to coincide with one of these. Because of language diffculties, Taiwan is sel- dom visited independently by Western birders, and it is still little-known to the international birding community, but it is worth the effort. The island is richly endowed with a plethora of exciting birds, and offers an exceptional travel destination flled with amazing scenery, food, cultural distractions, and disarming people. Taiwan is ready to take its rightful place on bird- ing's global stage and does not disappoint any birding traveler. Suggested Reading Brazil, M. (2009). Birds of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Russia. Smith, A.T. and Xie, Y. (2013). Mammals of China. Kelly, R. (2011). Lonely Planet Taiwan. Continued from page 46 White-bellied Erpornis. Photo © Keith Barnes A sea of clouds near Hohuanshan in the central mountain range. Photo © Keith Barnes White-tailed Robin. Photo © Keith Barnes Saunders's Gull. Photo © Changhua Coast Conservation Action

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