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MAY 2015

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25 May 2015 | Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community completed by GLADE students in four ad- ditional years. To date, ten acres of riparian cane habitat has been re-established. Bachman's Sparrow is similar to Swain- son's Warbler in that it is seldom seen be- cause of its furtive behavior amid the native plants of its preferred habitat. When fre- suppression policies were in place during the 20th century, Bachman's Sparrow popu- lations plummeted. Suitable glade habitat for the sparrow has been maintained by periodic burns under current land-man- agement policy, but many people suspect that breeding Bachman's Sparrows are now extirpated from Missouri. However, a MDC ecologist made a promising sighting on pri- vate land in August of 2013. Maintaining Missouri glade habitat for Bachman's Sparrow requires constant vigi- lance. Native Eastern Red-Cedars (Juniperus virginiana) grow well in unburned glade habitats, cutting off sunlight and robbing nutrients from desired plants. In addition, invasive species replace native vegetation. Because weather conditions must be per- fect to administer prescribed burns, other restoration methods are also used. During GLADE programs, participants cut down red-cedars and remove invasive species to facilitate the growth of native glade species. Even if the ecological results of restora- tion are slow-coming, an immediate hu- man beneft has emerged through our wise investment in tomorrow's conservation leaders: Conservation service is frmly im- planted in the lives of young naturalists. The habitat restoration experience connects them to supportive peers and channels their energy into action within the expanding GLADE network. "Everybody there has a similar passion," said Emily Samuel, a 17-year-old birder and current GOAS Board member. "It is truly a life-changing camp!" Experiences like GLADE beckon these kids to fnd the sweet spot in their life, where their intel- lect and their sense of wonder converge. At this intersection is a tremendous wave of appreciation for nature. The wave lifts these teens to its crest, where they can see clearly and confdently into the future. It renews hope, creates new possibilities, and empowers youth to make a positive impact on their surroundings. It connects them to like-minded people from all ages and back- grounds, with whom they can share nature's transformative qualities. As a result, they are gently led to fnd ways to give back. The GLADE project is part of our ongo- ing conservation conversation and remains an innovative tool for inspiring and engag- ing youth in conservation. As Aldo Leopold penned, "A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise". At GLADE, a new gen- eration of conservation leaders discerns the wisdom in Leopold's words. For more information on the GLADE project, see or email the author at ABA Summit & Annual Members Meeting For more details go to: events . aba . org e ve n t s @ a b a . o r g • 8 0 0 . 8 5 0 . 2 47 3 When : ABA Summit : Sept 30–Oct 2, 2015 American Birding Expo : Oct 2–4, 2015 Where : Grange Insurance Audubon Center, Columbus, OH How Much : FREE! Limit : All are welcome Join the ABA Staff, fellow ABA mem- bers, and a great mix of well-known birding personalities at our frst-ever ABA Summit to be held just prior to and in association with the American Birding Expo hosted by Bird Watcher's Digest and sponsored by the ABA. Not only is the ABA Summit a unique one-of-a-kind event, it's FREE! All Are welCOme! An exciting slate of activities are scheduled for the two days including: • VIP Access to the American Birding Expo vendor areas • Annual ABA Members Meeting • Birding Workshops (photography, art, feld skills, etc.) • Optics Demonstrations & Panel Discussions • Socials (meet and reconnect with friends) • And of course…… a little bit of birding too! Photo © DesignGroup 2010

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