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OCT 2015

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14 Birder's Guide to Listing and Taxonomy | October 2015 ABA 700 Before 70 trees, I wondered, "Where is everyone?" By 7:20 a.m. I had several awesome views of the colorful Yellow-green Vireo, and slowly birders began to arrive. I met Da- vid Pereksta, who initially found the vir- eo. He was my rock star, so I forced him to autograph my journal. #698 Yellow- green Vireo , Oct. 3, 2013, Laguna Rd. tam- arisks (a lifer tree), Ventura, CA. I was getting a little nervous, still hav- ing found no mannikin. I checked eBird, which indicated there was a virtual man- nikin desert around Ventura, so I moved on. With encouragement and help from local birders, I found a way onto a section of Santa Cruz Island that was not closed by the government shutdown. (I had forgotten that much of the island is part of the Chan- nel Islands National Park.) The Nature Conservancy property at Prisoners Harbor was still open, and the Island Packers boats were running. #699 Island Scrub-Jay , Oct. 4, 2013, Santa Cruz Island, CA. At this point, I had to wear blinders and hope that no Nutmeg Mannikin would cross my path. NARBA alerted me to a bird I needed in Tucson, so I left at dawn. Darkness was a necessity; I had to get away from Los Angeles and any possibili- ty of seeing mannikins. I reached Tucson's Reid Park by 4 p.m. and found it packed with people, dogs, weddings, tents, festi- vals, and a concert. I went to bed. I overslept Sunday morning and didn't arrive at Reid Park until after eight. There were no other birders nearby, but on the ground near the rose garden was my gold ring. #700 Rufous-backed Robin , Oct. 6, 2013, Reid Park, Tucson, AZ. Please, pity all the people that met me that morning. I was on a high! Technology has changed much over my birding career. I could not have done this without iPhone, emails, eBird, NAR- BA, Google, friends, and the many great birders I met during my quest. Someone did ask me, "What could be next: 800 before 80?"

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