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OCT 2015

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26 Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy | October 2015 Check-list Supplement Redux, v. 2015 species describe where they are found. Greater 'Akialoa (Hemignathus ellisia- nus) has been split into three species and changed genus. The new species are Kaua'i 'Akialoa* † (Akialoa stejnegeri), Maui-nui 'Akialoa* † (Akialoa lanaiensis), and O'ahu 'Akialoa* † (A. ellisiana). Nukupu'u was split into three species: Kaua'i Nukupu'u* † (Hemignathus hana- pepe), Maui Nukupu'u* † (Hemignathus affnis), and O'ahu Nukupu'u* † (Hemig- nathus lucidus). 'Akepa was split into three species: O'ahu 'Akepa* † (Loxops wolstenholmei), Maui 'Akepa* † (Loxops ochraceus), and Hawai'i 'Akepa* (Loxops coccineus). 'Apapane was split into 'Apapane* (Himatione sanguinea) and Laysan Honey- creeper* † ( Himatione fraithii). New Genus Sequence for the Hawaiian Honeycreepers –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Melamprosops † Oreomystis Paroreomyza Loxioides Telespiza Chloridops † Rhodacanthis † Ciridops † Palmeria Himatione Drepanis Psittirostra † Dysmorodrepanis † Maui-nui 'Akialoa Kaua'i 'Akialoa O'ahu 'Akialoa O'ahu 'Akepa Maui 'Akepa (yellow morph) Laysan Honecreeper These Hawaiian honeycreeper images were all painted by © H. Douglas Pratt. Most of them originally appeared in The Hawaiian Honeycreepers: Drepanidinae (Pratt 2005, Oxford University Press) and vol. 7 of the Handbook of Birds of the World (Lynx Ediciones, 2002; O'ahu Nukupu'u Maui Nukupu'u Kaua'i Nukupu'u Hawai'i 'Akepa

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