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DEC 2015

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28 Birder's Guide to Gear | November 2015 A lthough I write about technology for ABA's Birding magazine, electronics don't light my circuit board. I spend time outdoors to watch or study or enjoy birds, not fddle with gizmos. But, like most birders, I do rely on tech tools, both for the preparation of bird- ing outings and in the feld. Which items of birding technology would I miss the most if I had to part with them? How does this set ft together to provide a complete, streamlined, digital toolkit for birding? In other words, what would be my picks for "Ten Tech Essentials"? Since this article is about "tech tools," we won't list a smartphone or laptop as one of those ten tools but will take it from there. My personal list of digital birding essentials is a blend: four birding apps, three pieces of hardware, two ebooks, and a digital subscription. 1 The Sibley eGuide to Birds | If I look at my iPhone in the feld, odds are I'm either checking a text message or opening my go-to app, The Sibley eGuide to Birds (iOS and Android, $19.99). The print version set the standard for feld guides with Sibley's crisp illustrations of multiple plumages for each spe- cies. The app wins on clean simplicity while managing to include over 6,000 images, 800 range maps, and thou - sands of bird songs and 10 Tech Essentials

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