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DEC 2015

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35 November 2015 Birder's Guide to Gear San Diego, California Kathi Borgmann A h, birding in the Neotropics… Brilliant toucans, shocking tanagers, wonderful woodpeckers, amazing antbirds, and so much more. Who doesn't want to hop on a plane right now just thinking about those awesome species? Well, tropical climes can also be hot, buggy, and uncom- fortable if you are not prepared. I have spent the last two years birding from Mexico to Ecuador, and I'd like to share a list of items that I think are indis- pensable. The right gear can make all the difference between remembering an incredible bird or remembering feeling miserable when you get home. Josh Beck and I are on a birding expedition through the Americas. We are documenting everything we see in eBird, writing stories from the feld on our blog (, and recording bird sounds for the Macaulay Library at Cornell University. Throughout our travels, we aim to share as much information as we can from bird behavior to where to fnd birds (see Josh's article on seeing and fnding avian unicorns in Middle America in the 2015 issue of Birder's Guide to Travel). This is the frst in a two-part series that aims to help you be prepared for birding in the tropics. The second, about mental preparation and study, will appear in the 2016 issue of Birder's Guide to Travel. Nylon clothing • A long-sleeved nylon shirt and a pair of nylon pants are essential for any trip to the tropics. I guarantee that you will wear them nearly every day. Nylon is lightweight, breathable (essential in the steamy tropics), and, best of all, mosquitoes have a hard time biting through it. A Gearing Up for a NEOTrOpical Adventure G e a r i n g U p f o r a A d v e n t u r e Adventure NEOTrOpical Gearing Up for a

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