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MAR 2016

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27 March 2016 | Birder's Guide to Travel their beautiful "sword crossing" rituals during which pairs greet and bond with each other by touching bills. Thousands of Black-legged Kittiwake and Common Murre perch with amazing stead- fastness along the very same cliffs, making the most of this tough but beau- tiful landscape. The reserve is also home to the world's southernmost breeding colony of Thick-billed Murre, hundreds of Razorbill, and many Black Guillemot. Both Great and Double-crested cormo- rants can be seen on the rocks below. The sheer number of birds and whirl- ing activity can be overwhelming at times. Visitors to the reserve also fnd them- selves on the world's southernmost sub- arctic tundra, making it one of the easi- est places to experience this very special habitat. The so-called "barrens" are de- ceptively alive with beautiful wildfow- ers, cryptic Willow Ptarmigan, twitter- ing Horned Lark, the aerial displays of American Pipits, and even an occasional woodland caribou. Bald Eagles, North- ern Harriers, Rough-legged Hawks, and Short-eared Owls keep a close eye on the happenings, waiting for a chance to grab a meal. Summer can also be a great time to enjoy a variety of pelagic species from land. Huge schools of a small fsh called capelin arrive every summer to spawn on Newfoundland's beaches, provid- ing an integral food source for most of the island's nesting seabirds and draw- ing a number of wayward visitors. Great and Sooty Shearwaters arrive from their breeding grounds in the Southern Hemisphere and can often be seen in huge numbers as they feed on bountiful Background image: n Common Murres. Photo © Jared Clarke Below, from left to right: n Northern Blue. Photo © Jared Clarke n Black-legged Kittiwake. Photo © Jared Clarke n Northern Harrier. Photo © Brad James

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