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MAY 2016

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Northern Mexico 20 Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community | May 2016 border joint ventures are binational in every sense of the word. Our boards and technical teams have members from both countries; we publish in both English and Spanish; and, most importantly, when we consider conservation priorities, we think about the big picture. Birds don't recog- nize international borders. Neither can the people who are working to protect them. Birding in Mexico Interest in birding in Mexico is growing. Just a few years ago, if you asked about the challenges to bird conservation in Mexico, I'd have said that there just isn't a strong birding culture in the country. But that is rapidly changing. According to the Mexican National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, at last count there are 54 bird clubs in 22 states, plus Mexico City. Regular outings, lectures, and chances to meet other bird- ers are connecting a growing community of birders in Mexico. It isn't just about birding, though. From research and habitat protection to citizen science and community outreach and education, Mexican birders are mak- ing important contributions. Christmas Bird Counts, Breeding Bird Surveys— they're all happening. Mexico even hosts a Spanish-language portal for eBird ( As interest in birding in Mexico has increased, so has the capacity for involving communities in bird conser- vation work. Community-based Conservation in Action: Reserva Monte Mojino Reserva Monte Mojino (natureandcul- is located in southern Sonora, northeast of the city of Álamos. The reserve itself, a conservation project of Nature and Culture International and n Young birders in the Wildlife Trackers of Monte Mojino eco-club. Photo © Lydia Lozano Angulo n Military Macaws. Photo © René Valdés n Conducting the Christmas Bird Count at Reserva Monte Mojino. Photo © Jennifer MacKay

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