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MAY 2016

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21 May 2016 | Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community Naturaleza y Cultura Sierra Madre, A.C., is aimed at protecting tropical deciduous for- est. It lies within the 93,000-hectare Sierra de Álamos–Río Cuchujaqui Federal Area for the Protection of Flora and Fauna and is part of the Sonoran Joint Venture region. The Cuchujaqui watershed of southern Sonora is important to many bird species of conservation concern for the Sonoran Joint Venture, including Military Macaw, Lilac-crowned Parrot, Laughing Falcon, and Rufous-bellied Chachalaca. In 2010, the Sonoran Joint Venture part- nered with the reserve and other groups to train local residents to be bird guides and give them skills to work as feld technicians in conservation efforts. In the two-year pro- gram, participants learned bird identifca- tion, how to use feld equipment, group management and leadership, birding ethics, and basic English. They also got involved in local conservation and education efforts, doing everything from habitat restoration to giving talks and leading bird walks for schools and local residents. In Álamos, this project resulted in one of Sonora's frst bird clubs: Alas de Álamos (Wings of Álamos). Although this club is no longer active, it was a precursor for a thriving eco-club that connects young people from the communi - ties in and around the reserve to birds and nature (read on to learn more). The bird guide project formally ended in 2010, but the reserve hired several of the program graduates as park guards. The guards do habitat restoration and protec- tion work, provide bird monitoring, and support and guide visiting researchers and birders. The reserve now has a year-round bird-monitoring program with support from the Sonoran Joint Venture, Tucson Audubon, and other partners. Clockwise from top: n Graduates of the Álamos bird guide training program. Photo © Jennie Duberstein n Practicing bird identifcation and feld guide use with the Kaufman Guía de Campo a las Aves de Norteamérica . Photo © Jennie Duberstein n The staff and gorgeous landscape of Reserva Monte Mojino. Photo © Rosario Jorge Sauceda Nieblas n A local youngster selling bread in El Sabinito Sur, the community that neighbors Reserva Monte Mojino. Photo © Jennifer MacKay

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