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MAY 2016

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Northern Mexico 22 Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community | May 2016 do embroidery work and weave baskets and mats out of the native sabal palm. The wives of reserve park guards take a special interest in doing embroideries of native birds, mammals, and plants. The reserve makes an effort to showcase this hand- work and basketry and provide opportu- nities for the women to sell their crafts. Inspired by the Alas de Álamos bird club model, the reserve developed a success- ful eco-club program, Wildlife Trackers of Monte Mojino. With the support of the Disney Conservation Fund, they created a program that is enthusiastically attended by 45 children from three schools in the Álamos region. They produced a manual, along with other educational activities, to increase club members' understanding and appreciation of the biodiversity and wild - life within the reserve, especially the jaguar. And it isn't just children who beneft from the eco-club. Families also take part in activities and outings. When the eco- club made trips to the reserve to set up camera traps and explore the natural world, parents helped transport children and Several of the park guards live in the nearby community of El Sabinito Sur, about 10 miles east of Álamos. El Sabinito sits amid tropical deciduous forest inside the reserve. The people of El Sabinito are a wealth of knowledge about the forest, the Río Cuchujaqui and its tributary ar- royos, and the backcountry. Working with residents of El Sabinito, as well as other communities, is an important part of the reserve's conservation strategy. Supporting rural economies helps the reserve accomplish its conservation goals. In an area where mining and cattle are tra- ditional income sources, fnding new, sus- tainable ways to make money can make a real difference for conservation. One of the ways that the reserve does this is by encouraging artisans of El Sabinito, who Top to bottom: n El Sabinito crafts inspired by birds and nature. Photo © Jennifer MacKay n Rufous-bellied Chachalaca. Photo © René Valdés n The Wildlife Trackers of Monte Mojino is a local youth eco-club. Members are pictured here in a box canyon within the reserve. Photo © Adolfo Zayas Yepiz Continued on page 24

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