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MAY 2016

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4 Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community | May 2016 Jeffrey A. Gordon Delaware City, Delaware t the American Birding Association, we favor a two-pronged approach to bird conservation. On one hand, we support direct, traditional "boots on the ground" efforts at habitat protection and en- hancement, such as planting jack pine seedlings in order to bolster the breeding success of Kirtland's Warblers, which you'll read about in this issue. On the other hand, we aim to build a bigger, stronger, more inclusive and effective birding community, be- cause birders are not only the benefciaries of conservation: they are also one of its key constituencies. We see every new birder as a win for birds and bird habitat, and we are working to understand not only how to build a bigger birding tent but also to make sure that the contributions of birders are encouraged and recognized. You'll see some great examples in our Conservation Milestones. Also in that community realm are efforts to increase inclusion and remove barriers to participation. This issue features some thoughtful voices sharing insights on how we can increase the number of female birders in leadership roles. Talking openly and honestly about where imbalances exist, as well as what we as birders can and should do to encourage diverse faces and voices in leading roles, is important, as is sharing experiences of where progress is being made. And truly, there is so much progress to salute and so many passionate birders working tirelessly and creatively to literally build a better world. You can see it all coming together in something like the Sonoran Joint Venture, also profled here. Led by the in- credibly talented and committed Jennie Duberstein, who also serves as the ABA's Young Birder Liaison, the Sonoran Joint Venture works across borders of many different kinds in a region of vibrant ecological and cultural diversity. It's a perfect example of the importance of conservation and community, how we must attend to both our birds and our people if we are to pass on the richest legacy to the birders of tomorrow. Good birding, Jeffrey A. Gordon President, American Birding Association elcome to the third annual issue of Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community. Our goal is to highlight the positive efforts being made in the realms of habitat conservation, community build- ing, and environmental education—all of which lead to healthier bird populations. In particular, the popular Conservation Milestones (see p. 8) highlights the real accomplishments of birders like you. Consider nominating someone you know—or even yourself—for profling in next year's edition! As always, let us know what you did and didn't like in this issue, so that we may start planning for the future. If there's a topic missing that you feel deserves coverage, please pass it along. Even better, write about it yourself for the next issue! Finally, please consider sharing this issue with a friend. You can gift your hard copy when you're done, or simply send this link, where the entire issue is available online, and for free: Now let's get out there and do even more for bird conservation! Happy travels! Michael L. P. Retter Editor, Birder's Guide From the President From the Editor W Michael L. P. Retter Fort Worth, Texas A

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