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OCT 2016

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World Bird Families 12 Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy | October 2016 stay here should be very rewarding. Next up is gigantic Brazil, where three discrete areas must be covered, best timed between June and October: (1) the Cha- pada and Pantanal (near Cuiabá), (2) the Amazon (out of Alta Floresta), and (3) the southeast (out of Rio de Janeiro). It takes special effort to head north of Cuiabá and into the Chapada to track down the Col- lared Crescentchest, as our strategy does not permit another chance at seeing this family, although it is also available in southwest- ern Ecuador and northern Argentina if it is missed in Brazil. The birding is easy in the Pantanal, and a little effort will ensure key families like the gangly-legged Seriemas, the rotund Screamers, and the flashy Sunbit- tern. Birding along the Pantanal Highway offers families like the Finfoots (Sungrebe is often found along backwater rivers); Limp- kin; Rheas; and Guans, Chachalacas, & Cu- rassows. The bizarre Trumpeters are elusive denizens of deep forest, and are a major tar- get in the Brazilian Amazon. This is the only place to get them using our strategy, and is likely to be the toughest of the families to find. The best technique is to spend as much time as possible in their preferred habitat— and to hope! If you fail to connect with a Trumpeter here, you could make a special trip to the Manu area of Peru, which is ar- guably better for Trumpeters. The Brazilian Amazon will reveal plenty of other families, including Puffbirds, Trogons, Jacamars, Tou- cans, Manakins, and Donacobius. The final stop on this Brazilian circuit should be a short stay in the Atlantic rainforests of the southeast, close to Rio. A trip to a reserve like Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) or Parque Estadual Intervales is recommended for the excellent opportunities to catch up with Sharpbill and Gnateaters. The final South American destination is Argentina, best visited from October to De - cember during the austral spring or summer. Argentina promises three must-get families: the bubblegum-pink-legged Magellanic Plover near El Calafate; the ptarmigan- like Seedsnipes; and Snowy Sheathbills, which scavenge around the penguin colo- Clockwise from bottom: n Scaly Ground Roller - MADAGASCAR. Photo © Ken Behrens n Great Jacamar - SOUTH AMERICA. Photo © Sam Woods/ n Wilson's Bird-of-paradise - NEW GUINEA . Photo © Keith Barnes/ n Cape Rockjumper - SOUTH AFRICA . Photo © Keith Barnes/

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