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OCT 2016

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45 October 2016 | Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy the rate of species detection slowed down, the team would need to move on. Although precisely when to move on was a matter of intuition as much as anything else, the team employed a time cost/species benefit analysis. The timing for the decision to move on was tested during the days of scouting and then gradually finalized. Ultimately, a minute-by-minute time- table was established. More than the others, it was Brink- huizen who worked out the equations to determine where to go, how long to stay, when to move on, and where to go next. He was on his computer for long periods during the week of scouting. It was as if he were solving a grand birdfinding puzzle. The solution to this puzzle was the most important element of the Big Day strategy. Travel by Commercial Jet to a Radically Different Ecosystem In this record-breaking effort, there was one piece of the puzzle that had been worked out in advance. It related to the fact that, at the Equator, there Clockwise from top: n Dušan spent considerable time on his laptop during scouting days. Photo © George L. Paul n Masked Crimson Tanager was ticked off the list at 06:38. Photo © Dušan Brinkhuizen n The Big Day team. From left to right, Rudy Gelis, Mitch Lysinger, Tuomas Seimola, and Dušan Brinkhuizen. Photo © George L. Paul

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