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OCT 2016

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49 October 2016 | Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy Cenozoic dinosaurs—are the most nu- merous of all the terrestrial vertebrates. For this and many other reasons, birds are emblematic of the diversity of liv- ing systems. And I had been privileged to witness four people identify more of them, more rapidly, than at any other time in human history. And thus, my adventure had ham- mered home our great predicament. This inheritance is threatened. Our species is triggering profound transformations on the planet, and the question is wheth- er we can devise a sustainable culture. Birders have a special role to play in this ultimate testing ground. There are huge numbers of us worldwide—of many types and talents—and we are united by our special relationship with the natural order. Let us better band together. Let us become self-aware of both our awesome power and our ethical duties. In this critical phase of humanity, we birders should constitute a virtual army, whose soldiers acknowledge a duty to preserve the integrity of all living systems.

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