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OCT 2016

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5 October 2016 | Birder's Guide to Listing & Taxonomy Keith Barnes is a co-founder of Tropical Bird- ing Tours and its sister photo-tour company, Capturing Nature. He has traveled the world, following his passion to find all the world's bird families. With just four to go, he hopes to accomplish this soon. Keith wrote an ar- ticle in the Sep./Oct. 2008 issue of Birding on a strategy for building a large world life list with limited time and money. It was, therefore, only natural that he would tackle the growing interest in plotting to see all the world's bird families. Keith hails from South Africa but lives in spectacular Taiwan, where he regularly practices his pidgin-Mandarin on the polite locals. Jen Brumfield eagerly combines her passions for extreme birding, field studies, outdoor education, and detailed scientific illustra- tion into a truly "wild" career. Each year, she reaches thousands of children through out- door education programming as a naturalist with Cleveland Metroparks and is an active rep with Leica's Birding Optics Pro-staff team. Jen has authored and illustrated seven natu- ral history field guides. Currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio, she runs multiple "pelagic" boat trips on Lake Erie each fall and is forever scouring the lakefront for rare county birds. Alan Knue is a field ornithologist whose life- long interest in birds led him to pursue bird studies in college, where he worked with several endangered species, including Spot - ted Owl, Marbled Murrelet, Piping Plover, and Bald Eagle. Alan continues to have a keen interest in bird evolution, classification, taxonomy, biogeography, and paleontology, and he has taught courses on these subjects through his local Audubon Society chapter. He currently is a director of the Washington Assistive Technology Act Program, which promotes technologies for persons with dis- abilities. Alan lives in Seattle, Washington. Stuart Mackenzie has been exploring the nat- ural world since the age of two, and birding adventures have taken him all over the world. He works as the Migration Program Manager at Bird Studies Canada, where his duties in - clude managing the Motus Wildlife Tracking System and Long Point Bird Observatory. For the past decade, Stu has been conducting, coordinating, and managing bird monitoring and research projects on a wide variety of spe - cies. He lives in Long Point, Ontario, with his loving and patient family...and the birds. George L. Paul has been birding in the Neo- tropics since high school. After graduating from Yale Law School in 1982, he became a practicing litigation lawyer but abandoned neither his love of the natural world nor the joy of being a well-rounded naturalist. George's books and articles on the law of digital evidence draw heavily on his under- standing of complexity theory and ecosystem behavior. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael L. P. Retter is the editor of Birder's Guide magazine. A former full-time and now part-time birding tour leader (with BRANT), he has traveled extensively in the northern half of the Americas. Michael is the author of the upcoming ABA Field Guide to the Birds of Illinois, serves on the Indiana Bird Records Committee, and runs the continent's infor- mal LGBT birders club, GBNA. He lives and gardens in Fort Worth, Texas, where he cur- rently spends much of his time writing an upcoming Princeton guide to the birds of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. Sam Woods has been working as an interna- tional tour leader for Tropical Birding Tours for 10 years. In that time, he has traveled to all seven continents and is now missing only a handful of the world's bird families. He likes nothing more than seeing a life bird species, or better still, a life bird family. Sam grew up in London but got hooked on tropi- cal birding and moved to Ecuador. Rick Wright is the Book Review Editor for Birding and The ABA Blog. Earlier this cen - tury, he served as editor of Winging It ; he also coordinated the field trip program for the ABA's 2009 conference in Xalapa, Mexico. Rick leads Birds and Art tours in Northern American and in Europe, and is a frequent lecturer and field trip leader at festivals and other birding events. He lives in northern New Jersey with his wife, Alison Beringer, and their chocolate lab, Gellert. You can read about their adventures at Rick's blog, "Bird- ing New Jersey". About the Contributors

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