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NOV 2016

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20 Birder's Guide to Gear | November 2 016 have some serious problems with an item that is supposed to be an essential component of the birding uniform—namely, convertible pants. They are such a cool idea in the- ory, but in reality, they are an exercise in frustration for many people. A good pair allows you to start your day in near-freezing temperatures (even colder if you're using the right kind of wool socks), and then, when the temperature rises above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, a quick flick of the fingers will whisk off one pant leg and then another so that you can enjoy birding or field work in a comfortable pair of shorts. After things heat up, moisture- wicking material helps keep sweat from being a bother yet is breathable enough to make you feel like you are in pajamas. Rather than convertible pants, I prefer to think of them as "adventure pants". There are two types of adventure pants. One style is known as "zip-off pants"; around the thigh of either leg is a zipper that allows you to unzip each leg and suddenly be wearing a pair of shorts. Most zippers have an "R" or "L" on them so you can know which leg is which when you reattach them. A word of warning to people who tend to wear them as shorts all the time: It is possible Pants I Does the Perfect Pair Exist? Tips on Finding Comfortable and Functional Adventure

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