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NOV 2016

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7 November 2016 | Birder's Guide to Gear Ted Floyd Boulder County, Colorado changing the way we bird assumed a secondary role; I use them to make a quick ID, and then I get down to the business of photography. The following may seem semantic, al- most theological, but please bear with me. I'm going somewhere with it. Here goes: Although I use a camera a great deal these days, I don't consider myself to be a pho- tographer. I'm a birder. I'm a birder who happens to use a camera. The distinction is an important one. I promise, I will re- turn to this point at the end of the article. For now, though, let's see how my camera, the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS, works. I'm going to share with you some photos I took at my local patch, Greenlee Wildlife Preserve, a postage-stamp-sized wildlife refuge down the street from my house in the suburbs northwest of Denver, Colorado. All are from the first week of July 2016. Just to be clear, I took these photos while birding. You can look up my sightings on eBird or check the state birding listserv. I'm

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