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MAR 2017

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23 March 2017 | Birder's Guide to Travel Port Rowan, Ontario Dwight, Ontario Doug Tozer Ron Tozer ere, birders will find all of the following attrac- tive features: northern specialities such as Spruce Grouse and Boreal Chickadee; excellent accommodations, including campgrounds and lodges; breathtaking views of pristine lakes and mature forests; a globally renowned visitor center with inspiring dioramas of local birds and their habitats; 19 widespread eastern wood-warbler species; 14 well- marked interpretive walking trails, traversing about 35 miles (about 60 km) collec - tively, each with its own trail guide booklet describing various aspects of the park's ecology; up to nine species of finches, including crossbills, grosbeaks, and redpolls; wilderness outfitters offering canoe and backcountry camping rentals; eight species of nesting flycatchers, including Yellow- bellied and Olive-sided flycatchers; summertime bird walks led by knowledgeable park staff; rewarding views of irruptive owl species in some winters, including Great Gray and Northern Hawk owls; a ten-mile-long (16-km-long) Old Railway Bike Trail; and ample opportunity to view vivid fall leaf colors, moose, beavers, otters, wildflowers, dragonflies, butterflies, and mushrooms. Like we said, Algonquin has just about everything. With so much to offer, one might think that Algonquin is so busy that it would be unattractive to birders seeking peace and quiet. But nothing is further from the truth. Even during the high season in the most well-traveled parts of Algonquin, there are many easily accessible locations to get off the beaten path and enjoy the diverse birdlife. H Boardwalk Trail. n Common Redpoll. Background photo Photo © Karla Falk © Peter Ferguson Flycatchers on Spruce Bog n Watching Yellow-bellied n Gray Jay. Photo © Mike McEvoy Photo © Dan Strickland Clockwise from top: n Black-backed Woodpecker. Photo © Peter Ferguson Photo © Peter Ferguson n Black-backed Woodpecker. Clockwise from top: Photo © Dan Strickland Photo © Mike McEvoy n Gray Jay. n Watching Yellow-bellied Flycatchers on Spruce Bog © Peter Ferguson Photo © Karla Falk Background photo n Common Redpoll. Boardwalk Trail.

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