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MAR 2017

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54 Birder's Guide to Travel | March 2017 Birding Trip to Patagonia overhead, slowing down over us as if passing through a speed zone. The Calafate Creek was visible as a bright green ribbon of well-watered vegetation amongst the tan, olive, and straw hues of the surrounding, treeless Patagonian steppe. A little farther on, we noticed a large, dark raptor hopping around the base of a cliff opposite us. I checked in my Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica field guide but could not find a match. How could such a large raptor defy identification? It seemed the mystery would remain, but then an adult buzzard-eagle clutching a mammal in its talons flew in and landed next to the dark raptor: meal delivery for its offspring. It was nearing our dinner time, too. We started homeward toward the surreal, tur- quoise waters of Lago Argentino—their color the result of fine sediment created when rocks pulverize rocks under the un- imaginable weight of glaciers. The next day, I boarded a bus for an hour-long ride to Los Glaciares National Park to see the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. The great mountains rose to meet our transport as we hurtled to- ward them. The glacier viewing area in the park included a large indoor café and miles of boardwalk integrated un- obtrusively within a peninsular tongue of southern beech forest that stopped just short of licking the glacier. Glancing up from the parking area, I noticed an Andean Condor high overhead, soaring n LEFT: Andean Condor Photo © João Quental n BELOW: Coscoroba Swans Photo © João Quental

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