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MAY 2017

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20 Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community | May 2017 t's humid and closed-in—a shade op- pressive, even—about how I'd imagine it feels to sit inside the Earth's lung. Bornean gibbons whoop their eerie wakeup chant over the surrounding forest; the gloom brightens to emerald as the rising sun plays its fingers up broad trunks, across gnarled vines. Suddenly, I'm engulfed in waves of sound. A few I recognize: res- onant Rhinoceros Hornbill braying, a barking deer's forced blat, the ever-present whine of mosquitoes. Many, I do not. Here I sit, immersed in Borneo's dawn chorus, entertaining pipe dreams about the day ahead: A Bornean Ground-Cuckoo? A clouded leopard? A sun bear? Here, all are possible. "Here" is an overgrown logging road snaking through the depths of Deramakot Forest Reserve in Malaysian Borneo's northeastern state, Sabah. It's the second morning of our stay; so far, the re- serve has been good to us: the slow loris peering between leaves on last night's drive; the plucky I

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