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MAY 2017

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44 Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community | May 2017 ne of the most exciting events in the world of birding is wit- nessing hummingbird banding, affectionately called "hum- banding" by enthusiasts in Idaho. It's fascinating to watch the banders in action and to listen to them spout intriguing humming - bird facts, such as "The Calliope Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the United States. At 2–3 grams, it weighs about the same as a penny. Black-chinneds weigh about a nickel." But the coolest part of all is when it's your turn to hold a hummer for release, and the bander places it gently on your open palm. Sometimes, before a bird realizes it's free to leave, it may stay there for a moment. Its tiny, rapidly beating heart feels electric in your hand. O n A Rufous Hummingbird shimmers from its perch in Challis, Idaho. Photo © David Faike Humbanding in Idaho Hummingbirds Inspire the Next Generation

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