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MAY 2017

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45 May 2017 | Birder's Guide to Conservation & Community Challis, Idaho Elise Faike of Conservationists Experiencing this may not be easy for everyone to arrange, but it's possible at two different venues in Idaho that are open to the public: the Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) banding sta- tion at Idaho City, affiliated with Boise State University, and the Rudeen Ranch Hummingbird Roundup in southeastern Idaho. At both places, the banding is con- ducted on private property that the owners graciously open to researchers and visitors. Although definitely fun, the true pur- pose of banding hummingbirds is to study and monitor their population dy- namics and migrations, to learn about their life histories, and to contribute to their conservation. The return rate of all banded birds is relatively low—generally less than 1%, but for humming- birds in Idaho up to 15%—so the more birds banded, the bet- ter the chances are for banders to someday hear about one of their own bird's travels. Each recaptured bird teaches us something new, and some have amazing stories to tell, often tales revealed

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